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Surf is a new social media platform being developed. Here's what's special about it:

1. Completely Ad-Free for all Users.
2. Free expression. Users will be allowed to freely express their thoughts and share information, so long as others are treated respectfully. There is no shadowbanning.
3. We utilize AI like no other platform has before. Users can use AI to automatically fix the grammar and spelling of their posts, optimize their content, tailor the type of content they want to see, and much more!
4. We are very firm on the protection of user data. We collect as little data about our users as possible and will never voluntarily share any data with anyone. 

5. We are dedicated to helping to protect the mental health of our users. Through the utilization of AI, we are giving users the ability to choose what type of content they see and how relevant the content is to their interests in order to promote mental health. We have also utilized our design language to create a calm space that's easy on the mind and eyes.
X. We are also doing much much more. 

This is all no easy task, so we appreciate your patience. 


Thanks! You will be notified when you can join Surf.

If you have questions, email us.

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